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Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll is often time consuming and can be costly but is one of the more important accounting functions within your business. Outsourcing your payroll can be and efficient and cost saving way to deal with this.
The ongoing changes with Auto-Enrolment and real time information (RTI) mean it can be all too easy to make simple mistakes.

A substantial proportion of our clients have opted for our outsourced payroll service and as such we have a wealth of experience in this area.

Your payroll will be dealt with by BACS payment directly to your staff and we will deal with all the calculations and amendments for you.

We will deal with tax, national insurance, maternity/paternity, student loans and all other elements of your payroll.

Real Time Information (RTI)

In 2013, the government introduced RTI which at the time was a new way of reporting PAYE throughout the year rather than annually. All our team are fully aware of the requirements of RTI and will ensure your payroll is compliant as part of our outsourced payroll service.
Now in 2017 RTI is a standard part of payroll and any of its requirements are automatically incorporated into our services.

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Payroll & People

Whether you have full or part-time employees or construction subcontractors, whether they’re paid daily, weekly or monthly, HMRC now require that online returns (RTI) are submitted before you make payment. Fines for late returns are set at £100 per month, and can quickly tot-up.

We can prepare a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payroll service for you. By using our payroll service, you would be safe in the knowledge that all the information needed to comply with RTI would be electronically filed with HMRC when necessary. We would provide you with payslips for your employees, and detailed breakdowns of amounts payable to both them and HMRC, considering all necessary adjustments e.g. SSP, SMP, Student Loans etc.

We’ll ensure that HMRC’s records are updated, and let you know how much each employee and HMRC are due.

We can verify the status of a CIS subcontractor and the necessary tax deduction on your behalf, as well as preparing and filing monthly CIS returns.

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Auto Enrolment

Legislative changes under the Workplace Pensions Reform are now being phased in. As of 1st October 2017, it will become a mandatory requirement for all new businesses to automatically enrol their employees in a work place pension scheme and shortly thereafter for existing businesses.

We can advise you on your obligation under the new Auto Enrolment scheme and can then administer the same as a to your outsourced payroll plan with us. 

Administering the day to day requirements of auto enrolment include;

  • Constantly Identifying employees are entitled and when
  • Liaising with the pension provider to record the payments on eachseparate time payroll is run and providing them with correct employee information
  • Issuing the correct information to your staff

To discuss what auto enrolment means for your business and how are team can help call us or click here and we will contact you for an informal chat with no obligations.