Taking a commercially prudent approach to hospitality accounting is key to running a successful business in a fast-moving market. At MWA, our specialist hospitality accountants are here to help you balance your books and structure your accounts in a way that will put your business in the best possible position for sustainable growth.


We have years of experience offering tailored hospitality accounting solutions for restaurants, pubs and hotels in the UK, helping them to manage their bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and financial planning through a centralised cloud-based system. We also provide strategic advice, ensuring that companies are adopting the right financial structure to help them achieve their business goals.


At MWA, we understand the unique challenges and pressures of the hospitality industry, and recognise that most business owners in this sector do not want their time to be taken up by complex accounting issues. This is why we strive to offer simple, stress-free solutions that take all of the pain and inconvenience out of good financial management.


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Our services

As a full-service accountancy firm, MWA provides a complete range of accounting services for restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars, with the aim of helping businesses to take control of their finances in a way that is efficient, straightforward and conducive to sustainable growth.


Our services include:



Through our support, you will be able to bring together all of your key accounting functions under a single cloud-based system that provides real-time insights into your current financial performance and cashflow. This will help your business to make the right decisions, informed by a clear picture of your financial position.


Based on our strong understanding of the market dynamics of the hospitality sector, our dedicated hospitality accountants will also be able to provide tailored advice on how to effectively structure your business and finances to overcome current challenges, maximise your growth potential and take your business to the next level of success.


Why choose MWA for hospitality accounting services?

Finding the right financial approach for hotel and restaurant accounting can be a real challenge due to the fast-moving nature of this industry. This has been especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic, a period of significant disruption that has forced many pubs, hotels, bars and restaurants to rapidly transform their business models.


At MWA, we understand the significant complexities that come with handling the various administrative and financial demands in the sector, from invoice management and regulatory compliance to establishing new branches and business offerings. We have years of experience helping businesses to develop accounting solutions that address common challenges, including:


  • What is the most efficient way for my hospitality business to manage its reporting, bookkeeping and management accounts across multiple locations?
  • How should my business react to new changes to licensing and scheduling rules? How will these affect my approach to accounting?
  • How can payroll functions be automated efficiently as my business expands, and the number of staff we employ steadily increases?
  • Who has responsibility for managing accounts when working within a franchise structure, or as part of a complex holding structure? How should these accounts be coordinated with operational partners?
  • What is the most strategically advantageous financial structure for my business? What accountancy steps will I have to take to introduce a new location or service offering for my business?

At MWA, we have worked to provide hospitality accounting solutions for businesses of various sizes and structures, from small-scale startups to large groups. No matter what your needs and objectives may be, we will work closely with you to develop an accounting strategy that is tailored for your organisation, operating as an extension of your team to ensure you achieve all of your goals.


Our most recent customer survey indicated that 95% of our clients would rate us at 4.5 out of 5 or above, while 100% said they would recommend us. By working with MWA, you will receive industry-leading service and commercially sound guidance, taking the stress out of accounting and making sure you are able to focus on what matters most to your hospitality business.

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MWA’s specialist hospitality accountants can provide you with all the guidance and support you need on financial accounting in the hospitality industry. We are based in Manchester city centre, and we work with clients across the UK to help them achieve the most effective bookkeeping and tax planning, in line with industry best practices.

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